Sugar Babies

The Sugar Babies is our preschool program! We provide so much more than JUST dance for our tiniest dancers! Instruction includes basic rhythm pattern, coordination development, listening skills, & self confidence! We encourage positive interaction with others and teamwork!

Cupcakes             2 year olds                         Creative Movement, Tumbling, & Dance

Tootsie Rolls       3 year olds                         Tumbling & Hip- Hop

Lollipops              4 year olds                         Tumblng & Hip-Hop

Gummy Bears     3 & 4 year olds                  Tap/Ballet

Pink Pom             Pre-K, K, & 1st Graders     Pom-Pom 

2017-2018 Classes & Schedule Released August 1st, 2017! 

Classes for EVERYONE!

Whether recreational or competitive, there is something for everyone at DMI dance force! For our dancers of all ages we focus on proper technique, correct terminology, flexibility, strength & control, rhythm, and teamwork. We pride ourselves on building self confidence in a structured environment!

Hearts                  K – 1st Graders                   Hip-Hop/Jazz

Hearts                  K – 1st Graders                   Tap/Ballet

Stars                     2nd – 3rd Graders              Hip-Hop/Jazz

Stars                     2nd – 3rd Graders              Tap/Ballet

Silver Pom           2nd – 5th Graders                Pom-Pom

Funk Tap              4th Grade and up               Hip-Hop Tap Class

Contemporary      4th Grade and up

Musical Theatre   4th Grade and up

Tumbling             K  and up                           Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4

Ballet (Pre-Pointe) 3rd and up                       Levels 1, 2, & 3

Pointe                  (Instructor Placement Only)

Ruby Hip Hop      4th - 12th Grade                  Placement TBD

Diamond Hip Hop 4th - 12th Grade                 Placement TBD

Groove               8th Grade and up                

Boyz 1                  K – 4th Grade                    All Boyz Hip-Hop

Boyz 2                  5th and up                        All Boyz Hip-Hop